Netvibes Universe

Netvibes, a popular customizable Web 2.0 homepage/portal site, just announced Netvibes Universe. Until now, all Netvibes pages have been private, requiring a login, but Netvibes is trying something a little different where users can create public pages with content available for others to see. These are practically the same as any other private Netvibes page, but can be shared with anybody.

To start off, they’ve provided several branded sites, such as CBS News, eMusic, and TechCrunch.

I’ve been unable to create a universe. It seems it’s not open for public creation yet, but I’m eager to try it. I’m trying to brainstorm how I would use this, though. I think the most interesting thing to me would be to provide open source project “universes” containing RSS readers for project news and developer blogs, download links, screenshots, project schedule, etc.

What would make that more useful, though, would be if somebody would create Bugzilla and Trac search modules. It’d be an interesting and useful project. Any takers? 🙂

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