Sad Rainbow Plasma TV

I may soon be adding my plasma TV to the list of broken things, I fear. I came back from vacation last night after a week and now twice while watching TV, the screen has turned all rainbowy for about 2 seconds. This has never happened before and I’m hoping I don’t see it again. But I know better.

Anybody else experience this, specifically with Panasonic plasma TVs?

4 thoughts on “Sad Rainbow Plasma TV”

  1. Perhaps, as a kid, you had too much microwave food and now you emit electrostatic radiation. Think positive, now you are a superhero … in some way. 😉

  2. I have your solution. Don’t spend another minute on that defective piece of junk. I say you buy a new 60 inch TV and donate that tiny little malfunctioning 50 inch one to… uh, I dunno… maybe your father.

    However, it may not be malfunctioning at all. You say once in awhile it goes rainbow? Maybe you just have a gay TV. NTTAWWT.

    Oh, one more thing. Go clean your room kid.

  3. What model is it and how old? I know a few things about plasma TVs because I am the editor of and Panasonic makes some of the best plasma TV models – both in terms of picture quality and reliable. I would say you had bad luck with it but I also read your other post where you said 7 HDD dies on you so I’m starting to think that FunkyM is right 🙂 I recommend you check Panasonic FAQ on their site maybe they mention why you might get that problem. From my knowledge this could happen from a very powerful electromagnetic field that messes up with the internal circuitry of the plasma TV (and maybe the screen too). I have heard of a similar problem from a guy who mounted his plasma TV on a wall that had on the other side a power transformer. If you manage to make a photo or vid when this problem happens drop me a line because I’d like to see it.

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