Spice things up in your relationship with libsexy v0.1.6

libsexy v0.1.6 has just been released, along with libsexymm and sexy-python (mono bindings coming soon). It contains two new widgets, SexyTreeView (a GtkTreeView subclass with support for per-cell tooltips) and SexyTooltip (a tooltip that can have widgets packed into it). It also fixes a few licensing inconsistencies (the header files on a couple files were incorrect) and some bugs.

If you’re using the new notification-daemon, it is advised that you update your copy of libsexy in order to fix a minor visual glitch.

2 thoughts on “Spice things up in your relationship with libsexy v0.1.6”

  1. David Trowbridge

    As the one responsible for SexyTreeView, I’ll answer this.

    I didn’t do it in GTK+, because getting per-cell tooltips into GTK+ requires “doing it right,” which pretty much means a compete overhaul of the tooltip system. That’s a huge amount of work — certainly a lot more than I have time for right now.

    I don’t feel bad about putting dirty hacks like this into libsexy, because that’s what libsexy is made for. When GTK+ has it, I’ll deprecate this (and eventually remove it) to get people to move away from it. Until then, this will let people do what they need to do, even if it’s not the most efficient or correct way.

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